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Qazi Law 2017

Farrah Qazi 


Attorney at Law
Owner, Qazi Law Offices
Of Counsel, Amal Law Group

Farrah Qazi is the founding attorney and owner of Qazi Law Offices. She received her Juris Doctorate from DePaul University Law School and her Bachelor of Arts from Loyola University Chicago, where she majored in Political Science, with minors in English Literature and Spanish Language and Literature. She also attended the University College of London where she studied Global Business and International Law. As an intern and associate at the International Human Rights Institute, Farrah handled cases involving the trafficking of women and children in Latin America, and translated critical court documents from Spanish into English. Farrah is multilingual and speaks English, Pashto, Urdu, Spanish.

Farrah has spent over 13 years working in the field of estate planning, where she has helped countless families provide for their loved ones through living trusts, wills and powers of attorney. She regularly gives talks on the need for proper financial planning for all families. Farrah also provides legal advice to several corporate clients and physician groups, who retain her firm to handle all business, contracts and negotiation matters.

Farrah is fully committed to raising awareness about human rights issues. She has represented victims of political or religious persecution, as well as unlawfully detained clients and victims of domestic abuse who filed under the Violence Against Women Act. She serves as an expert on blasphemy laws and minority persecution in Muslim countries, and is often asked to lecture and write on these topics across the country. In 2012, Farrah started a national domestic abuse hotline which caters to immigrant women seeking pro-bono legal help and guidance.  The hotline is unique because it offers services in several languages, partners with local support structures and advises the women according to their individual customs and backgrounds.


Outside of the office, Farrah loves reading, traveling and indulging her taste for international cuisine.