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Qazi Law 2017


Most people think estate planning is reserved for the fabulously wealthy, but it actually applies to everyone. Valuing an estate is about so much more than your income; a complete estate plan includes: the value of your home, retirement accounts, IRAs, stocks, bonds, savings accounts, life insurance and so much more. When you add all that up, you have an estate worth protecting.


At Qazi Law, we consider a holistic approach to estate planning. We don’t want you to just prepare your trusts, wills and powers of attorney. We want this process to encourage you to look at your finances, develop strategies to save and spend wisely and implement techniques to protect your loved ones. We want you to get organized and to feel empowered about the financial choices you make. To this end, we are always ready to refer you to qualified financial advisors and insurance agents. We are here to teach and educate you, as well as provide valuable legal advice regarding the protection of your estate.


Good Estate Planning includes: 

  • Instructions for your own care in case of your disability

  • Provisions for any family members with special needs

  • A guardian named for your minor children

  • Provisions for any loved ones who may need guidance handling their finances, or who may need protection in the event of a divorce  

  • Distribution Instructions for the division of your estate

  • Instructions for how your life insurance, retirement accounts and investments will be divided

  • Provisions for the transfer of your business should you suffer a disability, die or retire



Estate planning isn’t just a one-time event.

It is an ongoing process that should include regular, careful reviews.

That’s why Qazi Law offers free three-year reviews to all of its clients.



Our Services include:

  • Living trusts

  • Insurance Trusts and portfolio analysis

  • Guardianship papers

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Last Wills

  • Living Wills

  • Islamic Estate Planning

  • Women’s Financial Empowerment Workshops and courses