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Qazi Law 2017

Office Policies

Initial Consultation: 

Qazi Law is unable to provide free in-office consultations to prospective clients. However, you are welcome to call
us anytime to discuss your potential case during a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation.


All in-office consults are billable.

Office Hours: 


The staff at Qazi Law works normal business hours from 9am-5pm on most days, unless noted otherwise.

Many times, clients need our help on an urgent basis. Deadlines loom and crises must be averted.
We understand this and are willing to help. However, our fees reflect this commitment, and are increased accordingly.

Call Backs:


All non-urgent callbacks will be addressed the next office day.

If a matter is urgent, please state so in your message or let our secretary know. 




You are always welcome to leave a voice message on our office phone number. 

Please include your name, phone number and the detailed nature of your call. 

If it is an urgent, time-sensitive matter, please state so in your message and provide any pertinent details of your case.

Commencement of Services:


Our services commence only once you sign a retainer agreement and pay the retainer amount due.


All details and paperwork needed for your case must be provided before we can work on your case. 


If the matter is urgent, you must sign, fax or email the retainer agreement and agree to pay the retainer fee in full by credit card online or by phone. ​


Reschedule Appointments:


You can always reschedule appointments with our office. 

We ask that you give us 24 hours notice when such a need arises. 

If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours of the appointed time, a service charge of $25 may apply. 


Conflicts Check:


We reserve the right to refuse representation after conducting a conflicts or background check on your matter.

You are obligated to reveal any and all possible conflicts within the case. 


If we have previously represented you, your partners or family members, we need to know before taking your case. 


Billing Rates:


Billing rates are outlined in our retainer agreement.

These include the rates for our attorneys, staff, associates and outside counsel.
Please read the retainer agreement carefully and ask us questions before signing the agreement.

Our staff are more than happy to answer any billing questions for you.



All fees listed here, on the retainer agreement, fee schedule or otherwise, are non-negotiable.  


Qazi Law is working on several flat fee structures that will allow clients to pay legal fees up front, instead of the traditional hourly fee structure. Although we may maintain hourly fees as well, you are welcome to discuss a flat fee option with your attorney.


If you are a charity organization or a low-income individual, you may request low-bono services. 

In such cases, you must be prepared to provide proof of your status and income. 


Qazi Law has made a commitment to devote almost half of its business to giving back to its community.

However,  we take a limited number of pro-bono or low-bono cases and may not be in a position to accommodate all requests. If we cannot help you, we will do our best to find someone who can.




We take your matters very seriously and observe the strictest confidentiality in all matters. 


If you want us to speak to another party about your case, you must grant permission, in writing, to our attorneys. 

As always, we thank you for you business.

We are committed to providing you with the most professional and courteous service.