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Qazi Law 2017




To be or not to be United? AltM Magazine -  February 2017

Raising Black Boys and Muslim Kids in America, AltM Magazine - July 12, 2016

I’m Staying Right Here, AltM  Magazine - May 13, 2016

MLK: How Close are We to Fulfilling King’s Dream? Rizzarr - January 15, 2016

The Essence of True Gladiators, Rizzarr - December 3, 2015

Blasphemy Laws and the Influx of Refugees, ABA International Journal of Refugee Law - May 2013

Spreading a Message of Peace, My Suburban Life - May 2011

Asset Protection for Physicians, Sherman Journal of Health - April 2010

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws in a Democratic Nation, The Globe, International Law Committee - August 2009

Women’s Rights According to Islamic and Western Laws, Ayesha Magazine - Summer 2006

Rough Justice: Human Rights Violations in Pakistan, Gulf Daily News - October 4th, 2005

Elder Law and Abuse, Northwest Suburban Estate Planning Council Teaching Manual - 2005

Xenotransplantation and its Ethical and Legal Implications, http://www.bepress.com, Cornell University - November 2003

In the Wake of Terrorism, On the Merits Newspaper, Volume II, Issue 2 - Nov / Dec 2001



Zachariah’s Perfect Day, Unitech Publications - August 2015

Hear Me Roar: A Female Treatise on Law - In process