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Qazi Law 2017


At Qazi Law, we are honored to serve our clients and determined to make a positive impact on their lives.

We are always delighted when our clients take the time to share feedback on their experiences with us. We remain always committed to the satisfaction of our clients.

Please take a moment to read some client testimonials regarding our services.



Qazi Law provided the most comprehensive, thorough estate plan for my entire family. We were so worried about planning for our two young kids. Farrah Qazi went above and beyond with her planning.

- Amy P.  


Qazi Law put me in touch with an accountant and explained step by step what a living trust was, and why we needed one. She helped me draft powers of attorney for my sick father, and sat with my mom in the hospital when he was dying. This is the type of lawyer she is!

- Maria M.  


Farrah Qazi can devise a solution to any problem. Every time, the other party threw a new curveball at her, she hit it right back. She’s confident and unafraid to speak up for her clients.

- Brian G.

We were so lucky to have found Farrah to work on our Immigration case. She made the whole process easy and clearly explained every step of the way. She is diligent and got our problems solved sooner than expected. 

- Zahra J.



 I have never met such a kind, compassionate lawyer. She helped my sister and I on immigration documents when I was totally lost on what to do. She even arranged for donations to our new apartments when we mentioned we couldn’t afford any new furniture. This law firm is amazing.

- Felicity R. 


I used Qazi Law to negotiate and settle a breach of contract claim for me. My previous company had taken full advantage of me, and refused to honor their contract by giving me my share of profits. Qazi Law worked tirelessly and aggressively for months to get me the money I was due. It was a great victory in the end.

- Andrew C.  


I used Qazi Law to set up an LLC, draft bylaws and employment agreements. Everything was professional, timely and perfectly executed.

 - Aamir S.

I used Qazi Law for a very complicated real estate transaction. I really thought I would end up in court against our contractor, but our lawyer effectively talked and settled the whole matter. She saved us so much time and money. This is a firm that isn’t interested in padding the bill. They are so honest about their fees and your case.

- M. A.  


I was going through a terrible time in my marriage. I needed so much help. Farrah Qazi gave me her cell phone and told me to call any time. She referred me to a family lawyer, took all my calls and walked me through the entire divorce process, even though she wasn’t even the main lawyer. Then, she handled my immigration paperwork. I’m so grateful to her for her help.

- Asma F.

I could not have been happier with Ms. Qazi's unparalleled level of service and commitment to putting her clients first. In everything she does, you know she is your advocate.  She truly goes above and beyond and is passionate about serving her clients to the best of her ability.  She is honest and open and is very accessible.  I am incredibly happy working with Ms. Qazi.

- Saba N.




Excellent and meticulous lawyer

Farrah did a great job helping out with an immigration issue. Things had gotten delayed for unclear reasons so we used Farrah and she called the department and helped review and submit all forms for us. She made the process much easier and I am extremely grateful for her.

- Posted on Avvo.com

Highly recommend Farrah Qazi

I have used Farah Qazi for all my contract reviews, leases to contracts with Producers and employees. Her ability to Draft and review contracts has helped me avoid a lot of grief in the long run. The best thing I like about her is if she does not specialize in a certain area of the law she will refer you to the right attorney.

- Posted on Avvo.com

Highly recommended

I referred my friends to Farrah. She first negotiated an employee contract for me. Since then, she has prepared my family's trust and provided great advice on issues relating to my business. She's smart and friendly and a wonderful lawyer.

- Posted on Avvo.com

Attorney Farrah Qazi

Indeed it was such a pleasure dealing with Farrah as our attorney. She has done our will/trust along with the real estate construction and closing consultancy and legal services.

She has been extremely courteous, professional and helpful, always. A very trustworthy person with thorough knowledge in all legal matters. Would recommend her, without any reservations.

Thanks for a job well done!

- Posted on Avvo.com

Estate Planning

Farrah was very thorough with the advice and guidance she provided when she did our estate planning. When we had our review and discussion, it was detailed and she was very meticulous in helping us understand the documents at our level. 
She was very responsive on the follow-ups that happened after everything was completed and filed. She was very proactive and kept us in the loop by communicating on any potential delays on estate registries, etc. 
Overall an excellent experience working with her and her team.

- Posted on Avvo.com

Estate Lawyer

Farah Qazi was my estate lawyer and did a phenomenal job. She was extremely thorough and very easy to work with. She took a potentially daunting task and made it easy. Thank you for being there for us!

- Posted on Avvo.com

Women's Issues

Farrah is passionate and well-versed in women's legal issues. She helped me in an unusual situation with my mother who did not know any of her basic financial information when my dad died. Farrah helped her discover her assets, explained the whole process and really stressed the importance of women taking charge of finances. I'm even having her speak at my church about women being in control.

- Posted on Avvo.com


Ms. Qazi was the perfect lawyer to handle our case. She was knowledgeable, articulate, thorough and tremendously fair in her billing practices. She knew the law and was able to think outside the box to solve our problem. She's friendly and easy-going with her clients but assertive too. She'll get your point across clearly and unequivocally.

- Posted on Avvo.com