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Qazi Law 2017

Unbundled Fees and Services

Like all consumers, we like to research and budget according to our needs.

Thus, we believe legal fees shouldn’t be cumbersome or unpredictable.

If you are on a budget, and want to compartmentalize our services, just ask us how.


At Qazi Law Offices, what you see is what you get. No unpleasant surprises or hidden fees!


Take a look at our pricing for various legal services below.

If you don’t see something you need, just contact us and we’ll discuss your options.


Estate Planning


Basic Review of Existing Documents: $250-500


Updating Existing Documents by Adding Codicil etc: $500-750


Drafting and Preparing Last Wills for Individual: $350-450 (double for married couple)


Drafting and Preparing Living Wills: $200/each


Drafting and Preparing Powers of Attorney:  $150/each


Wills Package — including last, living wills and POAs: $600-1200

(about 10% savings as package)


Individual Living Trust Package: includes all Wills and POAs:  $1500


Married Couple Joint Living Trust Package: $2,500-3,000


Married Couple Separate Living Trust Package: $3,500-$5,000 (varies according to asset allocation)

Business and Corporations


Forming Limited Liability Corporation:   $900 plus state fees


Forming Not Profit Organization:  $500-$900 plus state fees


Forming Corporation: $850


Contract Disputes and Resolution:

$500 (enforcement letter) to $4500 (full ownership of matter, including all communications up to 6 months)


Contract Review


Basic Review of Existing Contract: $300-$500


Modifying Sections of Your Contract: $500-$700


Drafting and Executing Contract: Starting at $800


Review Contract for Medical Professionals:  $500-$800


Negotiate Terms of Contract: Starting at $300

Immigration and Naturalization


K1 Fiance Visa I-129F: $1650


Spousal Application I-130: $1850


Other Family Sponsorship: Starting $1500.


H1B Physicians and Specialty Occupations Visa:

$2,000 (if employer has more than 25 employees)

$1,000 (if employer has less than 25 full-time employees)


F1 Student Visa:  $850


B2 Tourism Visa: $850


Path to Citizenship: Starting at $1,500


DACA: Call for pricing


Refugee/Asylum: Call for pricing


Additional costs may incur if applications include criminal records, previous mistakes or other complications.